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Past Potentates , 2020 Divan, Nobles and Ladies

I hope this note finds all nobles their ladies and families in good health and fine spirits.

Your Potentate and the Board have been meeting every two weeks to monitor the situation with COVID-19 and West Virginia restrictions on activities in our state. As you know back in March we took the action to cancel all shrine activities till 5/1/20. Starting last week we began meeting weekly to better monitor statewide activities and to plan our eventual resumption of events. We currently are restricted by two WV Executive Orders governing our activities and we plan follow those in addition to following guidance from Imperial related to stated meetings. So the following are decisions we made and the direction we will take starting May 1st.

Onions…..We WILL sell onions this year, they are being ordered and we expect them to arrive around the second weekend in May. Sales can only be done by observing the social distancing orders from the state and it will be the individual Club or sellers responsibility to enforce those rules.

Nemesis Temple Meeting on 5/21/20…..We WILL have our meeting at 7:30 pm at the temple under the following restrictions. We will observe required social distancing and the temple office is ordering the required supplies to make the temple and our meeting safe. No food or drink will be served and hand shaking will be prohibited. The main purpose for this meeting will be to authorize the payment of our bills as required by approval of the nobility. At 6:30 prior to our meeting SASA President Doug Stalnaker will draw the parade order for the Fall SASA Parade in Myrtle Beach.

Club and Unit Meetings….We will continue our current policy of no meetings, or fundraisers until 6/1/20 or until the state lifts its restrictions and the Board provides the approved direction to start meeting again. The Board will continue to meet weekly to monitor the situation.

Nemesis Calendar…..Club and Unit fundraisers that have been missed during our hiatus should NOT necessarily just be rescheduled without careful consideration to the calendar and re-approval of the potentate and temple recorder. Overlapping fundraising activities potentially can undermine our credibility as a nonprofit and charitable organization.
Potentate Calendar Events ….. any missed events will not be rescheduled with one exception. Lady Jan and I will plan to reschedule the ladies luncheon in the fall to coincide with the fall ceremonial.

Imperial Session in July….. the Imperial Session was Canceled due to the COVID-19 Concerns. Our thoughts an prayers go out to all of those who have been effected.

Fall SASA ….. very soon the temple office will be mailing the hotel and activities schedule to the nobility. Please be mindful of the due dates as this year Myrtle Beach has an overlapping event and after the due date there will be no extensions as rooms in the town will be at a premium.

Lastly, the past two months have been a trying time for Nemesis. We have missed significant Nemesis events and club and unit activities. As an organization we must move forward and make the best the remaining year.

Thank you for your continued support and remember that children in need of our medical help is what makes us all Shriners.

Thank you for your support….

Yours in the Faith,

Ervin A. “Skip” Draber
Illustrious Potentate

New Sign at the Entrance of the Temple

Thanks guys! Ed Hupp, Jerry Bibbee, Bill Hupp, Brady Pfaff, and Lester Full.