Helping Kids, Having Fun


Illustrious Sirs, Divan, Nobles, Ladies and Guests.

I would first like to thank all the Nobility of Nemesis Shriners for giving me this great opportunity to serve as your Potentate for the 2022 year. I am both humbled and excited to be your Potentate.

In the year 2022 we are going to be celebrating two very important milestones anniversaries throughout Shriners International.

The first of these milestones is the founding of our great Fraternity 150 years ago in 1872. The first Temple (Mecca) was chartered on September 26th, 1872, in New York City.

Fast forward 50 years to 1922 a group of Shriners wanting to “give back” started the official Philanthropy of Shriners Hospitals for Children. For the past 100 years we have been providing “The Most Amazing Care Anywhere”. The best part of this world class healthcare is that, due to the hard work and dedication of all Shrine Nobles, it is offered “without cost to the families”.

We as Nemesis Shriners, should all be proud of what we have accomplished since our temple’s Charter in 1913. I believe we have a great group of Nobles that have work hard for the last 100 years and will continue to do so in the future.

Nemesis Shine Temple is not about me or the Divan, we are elected to serve. Nemesis Shrine Temple is about its Nobility, Ladies and families. It is about our great fraternity and the philanthropy we all love, Shriners Hospitals for Children!

Lady Loriann and I would both like to thank you for this great opportunity to serve. Let’s all have a great year!


J. Mack Kiger
Illustrious Potentate